User Guide

I'm still working on it ...

However you can read those files, it can be very helpfull :

  • partners/as2secure.conf
  • partners/mycompanyAS2.conf
  • www/client.php
  • www/server.php


Here is current API documentation :

SSL Converter (command lines)

From PKCS12

  • Extract CA chain :
openssl pkcs12 -cacerts -nodes -nokeys -in <certificate.p12>
  • Extract PrivateKey :
openssl pkcs12 -nodes -nocerts -in <certificate.p12>
  • Extract ClientCertificate :
openssl pkcs12 -nodes -nokeys -clcerts -in <certificate.p12>

From PEM

  • Read informations :
openssl x509 -text -noout -in <certificate.pem>


Therefore, you can contact me to get more details or to be informed when it will be ready.